The Officers and Board of Directors have established several working committees to prepare recommendations on various matters of importance. Your ideas are welcome and encouraged.

The Membership Committee will look at developing a recruiting strategy for
working code professionals, especially those counties and municipalities who have adopted the state building code but aren’t yet a member. They’ll also look at associate memberships for contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, etc. Contact VP Jay Gibson at, Sec. Mike Stone -; and, Dir. Allen Hunt -

The By-Laws Committee will review and update our 20 year old by-laws including, but not limited to: looking at proxies for both the Board of Directors and Membership meetings; qualifications for active and associate membership; qualifications to serve as officers or directors; officer-director meeting attendance requirements, term limits, should officers progress thru the offices (Treasurer to Secretary to Vice President to President), etc.; establish a quorum for membership meetings and Board of Directors meetings. Contact Treasurer Steve Parsons at; Dir. Darby Dean – or Dir. Rob Rush at

The Seminar Committee will review our seminar schedule, location, topics etc and make recommendations for future events. They will consider the lead time it takes
to book seminar facilities, desired services (sleep, eat and attend class at the same or a nearby location); booking speakers, picking topics, etc. Continuing education is mandatory, not less than 15 hours a year, to maintain state certification. Cost is a significant decision factor, individual comfort, boredom, etc are not. Contact VP Gibson at; Dir. Scott Coyle at or Dir. Jack Jamison –

The Website Committee maintains updates and improves our website The next improvement is adding online registration etc. Contact Dir.’s Scott Coyle at; Bryan Casto at; or Director Allen Hunt at

The Professional Standards Committee will develop standardization recommendations for all departments starting with inspection check lists, permit applications, etc. The idea is to become consistent in our paperwork and code enforcement statewide. They’ll also develop information sharing via email address books to share info and answer building code questions statewide. This is a great opportunity to increase our professionalism and recognition Contact Director Bryan Casto at; Director Scott Jolliff at; or, Director Ken Tubbs at

The Finance Committee will review our receipts and expenses, make recommendations on a budget, check the dues structure, look at CEU maintenance costs, etc. Contact President Cannon at, Treasurer Steve Parsons at or Dir. Bryan Casto at


You may use this proxy form to delegate your vote to another member in good standing for any regular or special meeting of the West Virginia Code Officials Association.

Proxy Vote Form.pdf